Choosing The Right Chiropractor for YOU!

Choosing The Right Chiropractor for YOU

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Choosing which chiropractor is best for you is not an easy task. Many people believe that one chiropractor is the same as the next, but this couldn’t be any further from the truth. The chiropractic profession has a wide array of philosophies and techniques that differ from doctor to doctor. This makes it extremely difficult to choose the best choice for YOU!

When choosing the right chiropractor for you, rapport with the doctor and the treatment techniques should be considered. Feeling comfortable with your doctor is the most important part to having a positive experience. Trusting that your doctor is competent and has the skill to treat your body goes a long way in many patients’ treatment plans.

So, how can you make a good decision on choosing your chiropractor? Before starting treatment, a great way to meet the doctor and ask about how the doctor may treat your condition would be to have an in office consultation. This will allow you to feel the vibe of the office, see if you like the doctor and learn about the treatment techniques.

THINGS TO STAY AWAY FROM: You should never start care with a doctor that you are not comfortable with in any way. If you feel as if the doctor is pressuring you, whether it be with treatment or financially, you may want to look elsewhere. An office that forces you to sign a long term contract with cancellation fees is also a red flag! A patient’s treatment plan should be continually changing as the patient’s body responds to care, so how can a year-long plan be tailored to the individual patient on the first visit?

At Gulf Coast Spine and Sport, you will never be pressured into long-term treatment plans or pre-paid contracts. Dr. Scott Weiland and Dr. Hillary Young encourage you to utilize a complimentary consultation at any time to make sure our office is right for you. The doctors at Gulf Coast Spine & Sport utilize chiropractic adjustments, Active Release Technique® and functional rehabilitation along with state-of-the-art laser therapy technology to achieve fast, long-lasting results. If you have any questions, or to schedule your appointment today, please call (239) 745-5561 or visit our website at

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