Macros: The Newest Trend In Nutrition & Why It Works

Macros: The Newest Trend in Nutrition and Why It Works

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By Nicole Torres

Chances are you know, know of or have heard about someone who is “counting their macros” as a means of weight loss or body composition change.

“Macros” short hand for “macronutrients” are classified into 3 main categories: Protein, Carbs and Fat. This new “diet” wave of knowing your macro numbers and trying to hit them on a daily basis, is growing quickly mostly due to the fact that people are not having to restrict their diet, and are LOSING weight while GAINING strength even while having the occasional donut or daily pancakes. “Macros” are truly for everyone, and here’s a little more about the why.

Counting Macros v. Counting Calories
Many of us know that restricting calories will generally yield to weight loss, however there are good chances that after those initial “l-b’s” are dropped you may noticed a few negative side effects:

  1. You are still not at your “ideal” body composition, or no longer changing
  2. You are HANGRY (also known as anger caused by hunger)
  3. You are not performing at your best, whether it is workouts, work, life or all of the above (irritability, loss of energy and cognitive function, etc.)
  4. You are not getting the proper macronutrients to function/perform daily activities **this one you may not be aware of!**

This is where macro nutrition, also labeled as IIFYM (if it fit your macros) or Flexible Nutrition, comes to the rescue!

I think the average person is aware that protein is important, but what is the right amount of protein? Of course this is going to vary based on the individual, age, activity level, etc. But for the most 25%-35% of your calories should be consumed in protein. Protein is essential for many reasons; it helps build and maintain muscle mass, controls appetite, plays a role in fat burning.

During the 80’s & 90’s the low fat craze was the diet of the moment, even the FDA labeled fat as bad. What many of us now know and have learned (including the government) is that a reasonable amount of fat is not only good, but essential! Fats help our bodies regulate hormones, assist in absorption of vitamins and minerals and promote healthy organ function. Fat consumption is generally recommended around 25%-35% of your caloric intake. There is however, such a thing as BAD fat… that is trans fat, which is quickly being fazed out, but still lingers in many processed and chemically made foods. These should be completely avoided.

The war against carbs is the new “fat is bad” from 20 years ago. As a population we have been influenced with this “carbs are bad” mantra. I am here to tell you that is NOT TRUE! Carbs are just as essential as protein & fat, and just as the aforementioned macros, the amount needed is merely determined per individual. Carbs main purpose is to provide readily available energy for your body to use, they are the main source of fuel for metabolism and support bodily functions… and they’re delicious! General rule of thumb is to figure your protein and fat intake then fill the remaining calories with carbs.

Some side effects of consuming more carbs are:

  • Decrease in fat/weight
  • Increase in strength/muscle mass
  • Increase in energy
  • Increase in overall happiness because you can have pancakes for breakfast (ok the last one is just a personal preference)

Macro nutrition really is for everyone; whether your goals are weight loss, weight gain or performance based, knowing what you are putting in your body and focusing on maintaining a proper ratio is key! I always recommend that my clients fulfill 80-90% of their intake in whole, nutritious foods, which are minimally processed, but if you want to work that donut or pasta night into your life, then you can!

Macros is something I personally practice, the above information has been the results of personal testing and is the only way of eating that has been realistic to maintain me while keeping me lean and energized. I am not a medical doctor and it is important to consult your regular physician before making any dietary changes. To find out more about getting your personalized macro nutrition plan, email me at

About the author: Nicole is a level 2 CrossFit coach and found her passion for nutrition when she began her journey in CrossFit. Currently, she is working towards a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy.

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