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Text Neck

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Now a days, about 68% of adults own smartphones and the same, if not more, goes for America’s youth. The average time spent on a smartphone or device is 3 hours and 15 minutes! The term “text neck” is relatively new, but is most definitely a problem with many people. Text neck can be defined as: The overuse of neck, shoulder and back muscles causing strain on the spine. This usually occurs when a user is looking forward and downwards at their device. Prolonged time in this forward head and neck posture will surely cause eventual neck and back pain. This year alone, teens will spend around 5,000 hours in this poor posture and adults around 2000 hours! No wonder people are getting neck and back pain!

The average adult human head weighs about 10-12lbs in a neutral posture. When the head and neck are forward and down, it adds strain to the surrounding musculature, so much so, that only a 15-degree tilt forward makes your head feel like its weighs 27lbs! Look around, I’m sure you will see someone in your travels today looking down at their device, even as far as 60 degrees! At 60 degrees, your head will feel like 60lbs! Your muscles and spine are not meant to be in the mentioned position, especially for prolonged periods of time! The risk of continually using your device in poor posture can lead to straightening of the natural curve of your spine, early wear and tear, degeneration of the spine and of course muscle aches and pains.

Tips to Avoid Text Neck

  1. Stay in a neutral position so that your ears are in line with your shoulders and chin is tucked.
  2. Keep your phone in front of your face instead of in your lap or even lay down while using your phone in front of you. If you have to keep your phone down, use your eyes to look down instead of the neck.
  3. Avoid spending long periods of time on the phone and take breaks for stretching.

Check out our YouTube page for stretches for the neck, chest and upper back areas!

At Gulf Coast Spine and Sport, Dr. Scott and Dr. Hillary treat a wide variety of aches and pains, including TEXT NECK! If you, or a loved one is suffering from neck, upper back or headache pain, give us a call. At Gulf Coast Spine and Sport, our goal is to get you better fast and get you better than before.

P.S. DON’T FORGET to put those smart devices to the side once in a while and connect with the ones around you!

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