GCSS Psoas Stretch in Naples FL

GCSS Psoas Stretch in Naples FL

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The “psoas” (pronounced “so-as”) stretch helps to alleviate lower back pain and tightness throughout the lower back and front of the hip. The psoas muscle is the largest hip-flexor muscle and connects to the front of your spine! With as much sitting as most of us do in our society today, we could all use some stretching of the psoas muscle. The doctors of GCSS believe this may be the most important muscle to stretch if experiencing hip and lower back discomfort. As the video will demonstrate, the “tuck” of your pelvis is the key to performing this stretch properly. Make sure to have Naples FL Chiropractor Scott Weiland of Gulf Coast Spine & Sport, LLC coach you through this stretch so that you can perform it correctly and get the fastest relief of any discomfort you may have!

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